A collection of ceramic projects.

Earth to Earth

In this piece a raw, unfired Jar, made from a blend of local clays was placed at the top of Carn Treliwyd to weather away.

A Clay Journey

This is a project about how we move through the landscape and what we pick up along the way.

Veneration Bell

In this piece I made a series of porcelain Veneration Bells and hung them in sea caves around the coast of Pembrokeshire.

Sight Lines

These are objects of enquiry, ones that encourage the viewer to question the act of looking.

Erosion Series - Porth Y Rhaw

This is an instalation piece with a film that depicts an unfired porcelain Jar in a river. The Jar is eroded and eventually washed away by the flow of water.

Deep Map of The Potteries

My piece for the 2019 British Ceramics Biennial

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Fresh Air


16th June - 7th July 2024

Significant Forms

Oriel Canfas Gallery, Cardigan

6th September - 8th October 2024

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