Earth to Earth

In this piece a raw, unfired Jar, made from a blend of local clays was placed at the top of Carn Treliwyd to weather away. There are cycles within nature some quick, others slow and this artwork illustrates one cycle as a metaphor for all. Made from the earth, the wind and rain will return it back to the earth. Clay in turn is created from the weathering of igneous rocks upon which this Jar has been placed.

‘My work is inspired by landscape and I have placed this Jar to venerate its surroundings.’

The act of placing the Jar immediately draws attention to its location. It has been suggested that the placing of Neolithic megaliths was motivated by a desire to venerate natural places.

The use of time lapse not only captures a true sense of time and space but of the process of change. This film is about the natural world, but also about humanity, our relationship with nature and the inevitability of change.

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