Adam Buick – Grounding

An exhibition that explores our experience of the temporal

 Ruthin Crafts Centre

 In this major solo exhibition Adam Buick has created new works that engage with the places he inhabits, forming a subtle narrative derived from the land and sea. Parochial in their creation yet universal in their meaning the works delve into the forces that shape our environment and influence our lives on this planet. They engage with the past, capture the present and enquire into the future. These works are object, record and discourse of Buick’s unique way of looking and grounding himself in a place.  In some of his pieces Buick allows the weather to sculpt his work, capturing the power of nature and the transience of human endeavour. In others he engages us in the felt experience of moving through a landscape, often adding gathered materials with greater histories or significance than the piece itself. The result is a body of work that leaves you contemplating our place in deep time and our connection with the substance of the earth.

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16th June - 7th July 2024

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6th September - 8th October 2024

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