Kiln Opening | Live Broadcast


 Following on the success of previous public events I’m excited to present a live broadcast of my annual Kiln opening.

This is something I have been hoping to do for the past few years as many of you can’t make it to West Wales for the event. This year seemed like the perfect time to make the event available to all. 

You are invited to be the first to see and buy new work being unpacked straight from the kiln. Fired the previous day for 12 hours to 1300°c, the unbricking of the kiln is the critical moment at the end of an eight week creative process. Work from the kiln will be available for purchase instantly.

Join me

June 2021



Work will be available as soon as it comes out of the kiln via mail order. Message, comment or call if you see something of interest

+44 07772935367


For further information feel free to contact me

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