Caer Bwdy, the source of the beautiful purply sandstone used to build St.Davids Cathedral has always been a place I am drawn to. The scale and colour of the pebbles at the cove are unique.

Sketching is not something I do often enough, I think mainly because artistically I am more comfortable with three dimensional expression. Throwers often talk of sketching at the wheel, the fluidity and relatively instant process of throwing makes this possible. Land Art however seems very intimidating, grand gestures in the landscape requiring rigorous planning, hours of painstaking effort and meticulous attention to detail.

This ‘Path of Elongated Pebbles’, stood on end, stretching from the high tide line to low water was conceived and executed in about quarter of an hour. A three dimensional sketch in the landscape. Sketching is about exploring and developing ideas, gaining a deeper understanding of your discipline. This land sketch was a freeing experience, as I now feel able to sketch within the landscape that inspires me. A method that suits my way of working.