quarz path

Nearing the top of Carn Treliwyd I found these lines of quartz. Ancient routes through the rocks that shape our landscape.


How we use and experience a landscape is of constant interest to me.  One of the ways that shapes our experiences is the routes we take. paths are like common routes of experience, a way taken by all, sometimes for thousands of years. paths guide us through the landscape to where we need or want to go. Paths are both mystical and reassuring, knowing that others have passed this way but not knowing what you will find on route is what I find so intriguing.

The line a path draws in the landscape has started to come into my work. Simple lines representing a path, across the surface of a jar. A reminder of the journeys I and others before me have made.


Jackie Morris, illustrator and author followed the path up to the Jar on the hill and this is what she experienced.