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Posted by | Land Art, Research Grant | November 14, 2011

                                      The starting point for this idea comes from my degree in Archaeology and Anthropology. One strong rhetoric within archaeology is that the placing of standing stones, the burial of the dead and building of monuments all […]

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A Night of Rain

Posted by | Earth to Earth, Land Art, Research Grant, Tme Lapse | October 23, 2011

  Seven days of waiting and watching every change in the weather and this is what I found on Sunday morning. 20,000 images and the disintegration of the Jar happened in the dead of night, unable to be seen by the camera. The footage is amazing but what an anticlimax to have missed the defining […]

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Posted by | Local materials, Research Grant, Votive Jar | June 22, 2011

I have used seaweed in my work for some time, laying it directly onto the surface of pots during firing. For years I have been meaning to test its use as a glaze component. Wood ash is commonly used in glazes as is other organic matter, I have only ever seen one reference to seaweed […]

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Votive Jars

Posted by | Land Art, Landsketch, Local materials, Research Grant, Votive Jar | June 01, 2011

I have been reading through some of my old Archaeological literature from my time at university and have come across some interesting concepts. One area that particularly caught my interest is the burial or deposit of objects within the landscape by the people of the Neolithic. Human bones, animal bones, tools and even pottery were […]

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