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Votive Jars

Posted by | Land Art, Landsketch, Local materials, Research Grant, Votive Jar | June 01, 2011

I have been reading through some of my old Archaeological literature from my time at university and have come across some interesting concepts. One area that particularly caught my interest is the burial or deposit of objects within the landscape by the people of the Neolithic. Human bones, animal bones, tools and even pottery were […]

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Big Fire, Burn Pot

Posted by | Firing, Land Art, Landsketch | March 15, 2011
                      Between the cliffs and the fields lies a stretch of common land, through which runs the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Much of the land is now owned by the National Trust. This stretch of wilderness that can seem like a wild landscape of rock, sea [...] Read More


Posted by | Land Art, Landsketch | January 04, 2011

                    Caer Bwdy, the source of the beautiful purply sandstone used to build St.Davids Cathedral has always been a place I am drawn to. The scale and colour of the pebbles at the cove are unique. Sketching is not something I do often enough, I think […]

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