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Materials from Cornwall

Posted by | Exhibiting, Local materials | November 22, 2013
In April of next year I am having an Exhibition at The New Craftsman, St.Ives. For this Exhibition I wanted to make some pieces with a cornish connection. Cornwall is renowned for its rich natural resources and clays, so it was an exciting opportunity to go and see what I could find. Before I left [...] Read More

Jerwood Makers Open – Veneration Bells

Posted by | Bells, Exhibiting, Jerwood Makers Open, Land Art | March 17, 2013

I have been selected for this years Jerwood Makers Open, a prestigious commissioning award giving five makers the opportunity to freely develop new ideas central to their individual practice. For some time I have been exploring the concept of veneration, with this opportunity I will be using large porcelain bells as a symbolic form to […]

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Atencion i

Posted by | Earth to Earth, Exhibiting, film, Land Art, Tme Lapse | May 08, 2012

  I am very excited that my film ‘Earth to Earth‘ is going to be shown at an outdoor event in the centre of Buenos Aires on the 17th of May. Alongside story-telling and poetry, video art will be shown on huge LED screens ordinarily used for advertising. The aim is to create a contemplative […]

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Aurora Borealis

Posted by | Earth to Earth, film, Tme Lapse, Uncategorized | January 27, 2012

This is the final section of my Earth to Earth film capturing the aurora borealis. 24th October 2011. Location: Carn Treliwyd, Pembrokeshire, Wales – 51° 54 N 5° 16 W Aspect: Looking North East towards Strumble Head along the North Pembrokeshire coast.  

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Posted by | Land Art, Research Grant | November 14, 2011

                                      The starting point for this idea comes from my degree in Archaeology and Anthropology. One strong rhetoric within archaeology is that the placing of standing stones, the burial of the dead and building of monuments all […]

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A Night of Rain

Posted by | Earth to Earth, Land Art, Research Grant, Tme Lapse | October 23, 2011

  Seven days of waiting and watching every change in the weather and this is what I found on Sunday morning. 20,000 images and the disintegration of the Jar happened in the dead of night, unable to be seen by the camera. The footage is amazing but what an anticlimax to have missed the defining […]

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Power of Making

Posted by | A Collaboration, Exhibiting, film | September 05, 2011

This autumn, the V&A and Crafts Council will celebrate the role of making in our lives by presenting an eclectic selection of over 100 exquisitely crafted objects. As part of this major exhibition entitled ‘Power of Making’ people from around the world were invited to upload short films about making and a selection of the […]

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Posted by | Local materials, Research Grant, Votive Jar | June 22, 2011

I have used seaweed in my work for some time, laying it directly onto the surface of pots during firing. For years I have been meaning to test its use as a glaze component. Wood ash is commonly used in glazes as is other organic matter, I have only ever seen one reference to seaweed […]

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Posted by | Artists, Exhibiting, Firing | April 15, 2011
Over the past six weeks I have been making a set of new work primarily for the the summer exhibition at The Garden Gallery in Broughton, Hampshire. Run by Rachel Bebb it is a beautiful English garden filled with sculpture from about sixty artists, both well-established and embarking on their careers. She is also curating [...] Read More

Echoes in Clay

Posted by | film, Local materials | March 24, 2011

My brother, photojournalist Greg Rodland Buick, has completed the final edit of a short documentary about my work. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. The discipline of having to portray what my work is about in five or six minutes was a very insightful process. I hope you enjoy it.

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A Nonet

Posted by | Artists | March 17, 2011

  Phases (for Adam) by Jacqui Thewless  Inside the earth, the white clay is full. It is the potter who lifts it up to the librating wheel, gathering emptiness – The interior of the round jar turns dark as a new moon.

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Big Fire, Burn Pot

Posted by | Firing, Land Art, Landsketch | March 15, 2011
                      Between the cliffs and the fields lies a stretch of common land, through which runs the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Much of the land is now owned by the National Trust. This stretch of wilderness that can seem like a wild landscape of rock, sea [...] Read More

Primary clay?

Posted by | Local materials | February 10, 2011
                    We went for a walk down to a nearby cove at the weekend.  Sitting at the base of the cliff I noticed a trickle of water running out over the bed rock.  On closer inspection the rock seemed to be decomposing.  It looked like clay. [...] Read More


Posted by | Land Art, Landsketch | January 04, 2011

                    Caer Bwdy, the source of the beautiful purply sandstone used to build St.Davids Cathedral has always been a place I am drawn to. The scale and colour of the pebbles at the cove are unique. Sketching is not something I do often enough, I think […]

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Linda Norris

Posted by | Artists | December 31, 2010
                    We took a trip up into the Preseli hills today to choose a painting by Linda Norris from her gallery in Maenclochog. The road up into the Preselis is very nostalgic for me from the daily school run. Every turn familiar but so rarely driven [...] Read More

Court House

Posted by | Exhibiting | December 18, 2010
                    After weeks of working towards the previous firing it is wonderful to sit by an open fire and reflect on my work. I have until Tuesday when the exhibition here at Court House ends to think through all my plans for the new year.   [...] Read More

A Sea View

Posted by | A Sea View | December 14, 2010

                    Just came across this photograph I took last year. It is the view from the track up to my studio.  Some days I hardly notice the sea, others I am mesmerised.  I have already forgotten how it looked today, tomorrow will be something new.

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A Collaboration

Posted by | A Collaboration | December 13, 2010

I have enticed renowned illustrator and writer Jackie Morris across the fields to come and draw on some mugs I made for home.                   It is the beginning of a collaborative project between Jackie and myself. The mugs seemed an ideal starting point for Jackie to get […]

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Earth to Earth – The experience

Posted by | Earth to Earth | June 29, 2010

As an artists who claims to be inspired by the landscape I am often critical of myself for not getting out and drawing more strongly on my inspirations. The discipline of spending forty minutes walking through the landscape looking in a meaningful way has been insightful and uplifting. Giving oneself a reason, a purpose, like […]

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Earth to Earth – A few hours later

Posted by | Earth to Earth | June 08, 2010

By nine o’clock at night this is all that was left of my Moon Jar. The wind and rain had in a single day reduced the pot to little more than a pile of soggy shards. The foot ring of the Jar was the all that remained. Up there the weather was really wild, standing […]

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Earth to Earth – The first rain

Posted by | Earth to Earth | June 07, 2010

The anticipation to see what effect the first rain had had on the unfired clay was motivating as I climbed the hill. From afar it was still in its entirety, a sphere against the laden sky. The Jar was wet through on one side, the side that had taken the weather.  Drops of rain had […]

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Earth to Earth – A Wall Brown

Posted by | Earth to Earth, Uncategorized | June 05, 2010

Just below the summit of Carn Treliwyd is a field of bluebells. Today as I tramped my way through them each step sent flying a myriad of insects, among them Damselflies and a Wall Brown Butterfly. I took a different route to the summit and came across another line of quartz leading directly to the […]

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Earth to Earth – Quartz lines

Posted by | Earth to Earth | June 05, 2010

Nearing the top of Carn Treliwyd I found these lines of quartz. Ancient routes through the rocks that shape our landscape. How we use and experience a landscape is of constant interest to me.  One of the ways that shapes our experiences is the routes we take. paths are like common routes of experience, a […]

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Earth to Earth on Carn Treliwyd

Posted by | Earth to Earth | June 03, 2010

My second attempt at this project after the previous Jar was taken from the top of Clegyr Boia. A new more remote location this time on top of Carn Treliwyd. I have made a Jar from a blend of local clays, some from the moor below at Waun Llodi. This raw, unfired jar is to […]

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Who Took My Moon Jar? – Earth to Earth

Posted by | Uncategorized | September 21, 2009

I went at 6am this moring to document my new environmental art project Earth to Earth on Clegyr Boia, but the Jar had Vanished! Who would take a large heavy pot from the top of a hill? Did they think someone was out for a walk with a 20kg pot and just forgot it? Anyway […]

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Unfired Jar on Clegyr Boia – Earth to Earth

Posted by | Uncategorized | September 21, 2009

Earth to Earth Project – Started Monday the 27th of June 2009 On Monday evening I placed an unfired terracotta Moon Jar on the top of Clegyr Boia. Because it has not been fired it is very fragile and susceptible to the weather. The concept is to leave it in situe until the forces of nature […]

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